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"The doctors and staff are so amazing at QCCC.  I started going for my upper back pain a little over a year ago.  They were able to completely take away the pain and stiffness in just a few visits.  Now and can't wait to go in for my tune up!" -D.W.

"I saw Dr. Nathalie all through my high risk pregnancy and it was amazingly helpful. I had a fast, smooth delivery and she gave me amazing peace of mind. What's more, her style of chiropractic is gentle and effective." -O.R.

"I started going to Dr. Jacki a few years ago and I have no regrets! I have always suffered from migraines and with her continuous help, I am living a migraine free life!" -J.S.

"I have had the best results with my chronic neck and back pain with the technique Dr. Nathalie uses!  She cares from my husband and two daughters.  When my two year old had nursemaid's elbow, she came to the rescue and saved the day!  We are SO grateful for all she does for our family!" -A.B.

"Dr. Jacki has helped me with my workout routines.  She is familiar with all types of exercise and knows exactly where stress has been placed on my body.  She makes sure everything is loose and working right! Not to mention the relaxation it brings to my body after tough workouts...amazing! I highly recommend her!" M.H.

"Dr. Butterbroadt is fantastic.  Gentle (even with this long term Fibromyalgia patient), knowledgeable and downright enjoyable to be around.  I have a ways to go but have felt some relief of pain for the first time in many years.  Giver her a try, I'm sure glad I did!" -T.A.

"Dr.  Nathalie has helped me and my baby tremendously with breastfeeding issues and head tilt. She gently adjusted my baby and said it was a torticollis. we saw a big change in the way my baby nursed and how she was able to turn her head to both sides . I was able to continue breastfeeding and had a happy baby! Thank you so much!! J-L

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